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The LENNOX Approach

Lennox Insurance Group educates each client on how to reduce risk which provides maximum protection. This process results in the most competitive costs.  The client receives a site evaluation as part of our unique underwriting approach.  This innovative model identifies the most viable option in the insurance market place.

Our clients view us as a "trusted business advisor".  Our commitment to consistent management of our clients risks has led to long term relationships and a significant retention ratio (99%).

R.I.S.K – Real Estate Investors Safety Knowledge
We use a unique risk model to identify areas of higher risk, and provide solutions.
  • We conduct a construction cost analysis
  • We identify the specific characteristics of the buildings
  • We conduct a site evaluation to lessen/identify possible problem areas
  • We approach the insurance market with a complete understanding of the property. This results in securing the lowest premium (we are pairing the risk with the best option). Using our access to over 100 companies.
  • We are able to put the owner in the best position financially
Our process is very concise and understands that the owner’s time is valuable and they need answers right away. Owners want help in preventing loss and assisting with claims.
From Our Clients
"I have been a property owner in Fall River for over 20 years. My premiums had sky rocketed.  I met Jeff Leavitt at a MHRA Conference. He personally surveyed all of my buildings.  He saved me over $28,000 and gave me additional coverage."
- Dave H.

We Know YOUR Area

What you

DON'T know CAN hurt you

29 Albion St, Suite 2

Wakefield, MA 01880


Phone: 781-224-4108

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